GorgeousTorva Bot

I have been recently making new bots. One of which is GorgeousTorva (https://twitch.tv/gorgeoustorva). Which is a simple bot written entirely in C# .NET 5.0. Based on an idea from buttsbot

This bot replaces words in your chat with the word Gorgeous and other similar words. This can lead to hilarious conversations. And ignores posts made by some of the most well known bots. If you have a bot to add, please let me know.

This is a work in progress. Please feel free to offer comments and suggestions.

Commands currently supported are:

  • !joinme – GorgeousTorva joins your chat to listen and replace words
  • !leaveme – GorgeousTorva leaves your chat.
  • !setlines – Sets the amount of lines that must be passed for a channel before words are replaced. (e.g. !setlines 5)
  • !setwordrate – Affects how many words are replaced. (e.g. !setwordrate 7)

Destiny 2 – Offering Small Gift To Divilian Mists Cat

The steps shown in the video are outlined below. It is actually quite simple once you see the visual clues.

1) Start from this location

Divilian Mists map showing start location for guide.

2) Head toward the cliffs

Cliff edge to drop down

3) Find the ledges and drop down

Ledges on cliff face
Dropping down to first ledge

4) Keep dropping down

Dropping down to last ledge before entering cave

5) Find the cave and enter

Cave entrance

6) Find the cat and offer the small gift

Cat waiting for your offering