TorvaFacts Bot

I have been recently making new bots. One of which is TorvaFacts ( Which is a simple bot written entirely in C# .NET 5.0.

This bot simply posts facts retrieved from different sources on the internet. There is no guarrantee that these facts are correct. But some of them are fun to read.

This is a work in progress. Please feel free to offer comments and suggestions.

Commands currently supported are:

  • !joinme – TorvaFacts joins your chat to listen and replace words
  • !leaveme – TorvaFacts leaves your chat.
  • !setchattimeoutmin – Sets the minimum timeout before each fact is posted. (e.g. !setchattimeoutmin 5)
  • !setchatlines5min– Sets how many lines must be posted in chat in the previous 5 minutes before a fact is posted. (e.g. !setchatlines5min 7)